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Hello All!

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 6:08 pm
by Coroner
Hiya Folks! I know some of ya have missed me and some don't realy care but I've been hard at work, earning my wings so to speak, over at HomeLAN and am awaiting anouncement of promotion from Alliance [HA] to Federation [HF]. I realy miss you folks, Ya Joe, you haven't had a chance to bury me in a while! And of coarse Tommy! Your still "one cool cat" not to mention all you other folks and you know who you are! I realy like what you've done with the site and I promise, I will drop by from time to time so you folks have someone you can kick around :)

Well, I've got to run and of coarse, i'll drop by the cs to shoot a few rounds!


Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 7:36 pm
by Clutchmat|c
Hey coroner i thought you left us forever. Good to hear from you man

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:00 pm
by Babaganoosh
Heya Coroner! Been along time. Hope to get to play with/against you soon!

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:23 pm
by joe
cya soon hopefully

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:29 pm
by HeadFace
yay coroner is back <3 :D :P

[HA] Tag

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 12:16 pm
by Coroner
Hey Folks, Just thought i'd clear something up since i've been playing with out my [HA] tag. Being a long standing gaming community, HomeLAN, the top level folks decided to do away with the Alliance tags temporarily until they are able to sift through all 2466 members and weed out the undesirables. Like in any online gaming community, we have had people join us that don't represent HomeLAN with the respect and professionalism that we require from all our members. Unfortunitly, that means we all remove the tag during this process, even me.

I am very fortunate to be apart of two (2) communitys, both HomeLAN and Both of which take gaming seriously and run clean servers with well trained admins keeping them clean from all the hackers, harassers and just plain BONE HEADS who show up just to stink up the place with there obnogsious insults and wild hax!

When i'm out server surfin, you can always count on me to represent both communitys with the upmost respect and dignity.

Hope to see you all soon,



Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 10:00 pm
by lazarus
hey hey :)

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2003 12:26 pm
by knoid
Add the .j2 tag to the end of your name so we can find you online :D. You can use the same tage to find us - just go to or and put .j2 in.

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 8:50 pm
by authority
Franky Franky Franky.. good old times :]

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 2:06 pm
by Coroner
Hello All, just dropped by to say hi!!!!!!! Got my tag back (Look for me) and waiting for word (again) for promotion. Got a friend running a CZ server teaching some admin commands getting me ready for the big promotion. Bummer is, our admins spend more time regulating then playing, not something i'm looking forward to so I'll play it smart (no pun intended) and cruz the severs. Question: Where did all my OE buddys go? Did the clan disband?

One more thing,
Joe, would you please do me the honor of slaping me next time we hook up on a cs server :) kinda like old times :)

Lub ya buddy!


Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 12:07 am
by A LaZy Hobo
Wow, Right when I read something bout the thingy, I thought why doesn't this community make a clan - Next post - j2.

I < all