A squirrel chewed through my fiber optic cable

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Re: A squirrel chewed through my fiber optic cable

Post by Eviltechie » Mon May 30, 2016 5:21 am

Grndslmhttr3 wrote:
Eviltechie wrote:
Grndslmhttr3 wrote:What about wrapping the cable in lead tape?
Not likely to help. Lead is usually thought of as having a sweet taste. It's also incredibly soft and a rodent would have no problem chewing through it.
Damn. At least they'd die a miserable death, right?
Couldn't say.

I suspect they are trying to get to the icky pick inside the cable. (Petroleum goop that keeps the water out.) The easiest solution is to probably just run the cable in a conduit instead of just attaching it directly to the side of your house.
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