Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman stuff

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Re: Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman stuff

Post by Little Weapon » Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:33 pm

Gr¦m wrote:It's kind of irritating that (it seems like) all of black America feels that anyone who didn't believe Trayvon was innocent is loco. The color of both of their skins makes no difference to me. The kid was obviously into some bad stuff and it APPEARS that he attacked Zimmerman.
First off, you're making a sweeping generalization about millions of people, specifically a minority you don't identify with. If skin color makes no difference to you then stop racebaiting.

"Obviously" into some bad stuff can't be proven at all. You can't "Obviously" infer he was getting drugs because he had iced tea and skittles. You can't say he was "obviously" trying to kill George just because he took a few MMA classes.
Gr¦m wrote:Trayvon has myspace messages about using 'lean' so the fact that he had just skittles and watermelon flavored arizona definitely points towards lean as the use. Why would you argue differently?
How the fuck at all does that point to lean use? Who the fuck uses myspace anymore? And it doesn't fucking matter if he had a message about using lean . It does not "definitely" point to lean use, especially if its not even the right recipe for it. Are you using your logic, at all? That's like saying I posted a message about using salad 4 years ago and then I got caught with brownie mix. What the fuck can you infer from that?

His "sources" are right wing journalism articles written by people who weren't there. Most of his "points" are loose generalizations and assumptions. Nothing concrete besides social media posts and pictures of Zimmerman with a bloody nose. I can't quite say I wouldn't be hostile to some sketchy dude following me around at night either. You trigger my fight or flight, I can't promise I'll choose flight.

It's also insulting for this white guy to stand here and talk about what Dr Martin Luther King "would have said" about this situation, once again speaking on behalf of a cultural group he doesn't belong to and an ethnicity he doesn't identify with. He attempts to take the stance of a civil rights leader, one who was shot due to racial hatred, as if he knew the guy himself. All this in an effort to demonizing a black kid who was shot for being in the "wrong" neighborhood. Very insulting.

The main two arguments are racial profiling and racial injustice. Historically, other races (mainly whites) have gotten lesser punishment for crimes committed against blacks, or completely acquitted. (See: Emmit Till, 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing, Rodney King, Rosewood) Inversely, blacks statistically have harsher sentencing when committing crimes, especially against whites, and historically have been sentenced for crimes they didn't commit just based off race. And don't tell me to "just get over what happened" because this mindset is still alive in many, and those racists are still alive today, making decisions for the rest of us and teaching their families to think the same way.(Including the Los Angeles Sheriff who confessed to racial profiling and encouraging it throughout the department. Such is the main argument; not verdict, but a response to historical, and current day inequality in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and society.

It's important because this racism still exists today, and I personally have to deal with it and the way it affects my life, even if you don't. I get pulled over way more than my white friends. People follow me around, stare at me, ask me "Can I help you?" if they think I don't belong there, treat me different at the workplace solely because of my skin color, and I won't even start with how much easier my white friends get jobs more than I do. But hey it's easy to ignore something that doesn't affect you.

Was this the kind of situation to address any of that? Not really. The media shouldn't have hyped it up and they should have tried for manslaughter cause they couldn't prove murder. But before that, Zimmerman was going to be completely let go; no case review, no sentencing, no detainment, and thus spawned the original controversy.

I have read and seen more detailed explanations of the situation but the video you posted is complete bullshit mirroring the lynchmobs on reddit. Speaking of which, the video is called "The Lynching?" Are you fucking serious? Post a well balanced, fact-based, and unbiased video and maybe we can conversate. Not this sensationalist covertly racist junk commentary.
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Re: Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman stuff

Post by Gr|m » Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:49 pm

I'm pretty sure I already said it, but I guess I'll re-emphasize it. We do not know what exactly happened that night. It's annoying that many people seem to think they know.. and they believe, with full conviction, that side of the story.

You can try finding a well-balanced, unbiased video on something as controversial as this.. because it wont exist. Sometimes you have to operate in the extremes. So yeah, the video posted is an extreme, but it's an extreme from a side of the controversy that I hadn't seen much representation of.

One thing I do notice, is how personal this story was (and still is) for many Americans that are black. It's like many have this parental mindset about Trayvon just like some parents have for their children (my kid can do no harm/if you say my kid did something wrong, you are wrong!). While we can determine Zimmerman's character if we want, which could help us to decide whether we think he did it with bad intenet (maybe he's a major douche, maybe he seems like a pretty genuine guy), we can't know factually what happened. I'm not even trying to convince you (or anyone) to change stances.. I haven't wanted that even from the beginning. I just didn't like the seemingly blind paternal faith in a teen that we didn't know- or the opposite faith in a man from the neighborhood watch.

Oh, and I agree with you about situation not being the best for stimulating race discussion.
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