do you know:Different between created and standard overview

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do you know:Different between created and standard overview

Post by trueblue0512 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:14 am

Hi everyone. i am using cs 1.6 there is a problem i want to ask you:i have read the tutorial of creating map's overview in our forum and i have done successfully.but i realized that the overview created is different from the standard overview : we can only see the roof ,we can't look through the roof to the things inside the house (so we can't know where is the stair, the windows.. in the house to know where the bot is).in the standard map 's overview ,such as cs_assault, cs_italy, with the overview,we can look through the roof and we can see everythings in the house(you may creat the overview of cs_italy ,you will realize the different between standard map and the map you 've created).so i guess there is a tip to do that(such as remove the roof but i don't know how to remove because bspedit can't.beneath that the hammer can only read the .map file, but when i convert bsp to map with bsp to map compiler or winbspc and run in hammer it's got a error when compile to bsp).do you know how to do?
sorry for my bad english, thank you very much.

here is the tutorial of creating overview map:
You will require these things:-

Your copy of Counter Strike or Condition Zero
Imagebadger Image Converter

1. Make a desktop shortcut of counter strike or condition zero, right click and open its properties and go under the “shortcut” tab. In this you will see a “target” box. After the path in the target box type “ –console –dev” without the quotes. After that click “Ok” at the bottom and run the game. (Refer screenshot 1)

2. Change the resolution of your game to 1024x768. We are doing this because we want the overview file to be of 1024x768 resolution. It is not necessary that it should be of 1024x768 but a map overview of this resolution is decent.

3. Open the console menu by pressing the ~(tidal) key above the tab button, run the desired map by “map ” command without the quotes. For this tutorial I will be creating map overview for de_train, therefore I will be typing “map de_train” as the command to run the map.

4. When the map is loaded bring down the console menu again and type “dev_overview 1” without the quotes, this command will load the map overview with some values at the top. Take a screenshot of this by pressing the “take screenshots” key (default F5). (Refer screenshot 2)

5. After taking the screenshot bring down the console menu again and type “dev_overview 2” without the quotes, this command will remove the values from the top of the map overview, take a screenshot of this also.

6. Now you have two screenshots one with the values and one without the values. Go to the directory where you have installed your copy of counter strike or condition zero, you should see 2 “.bmp” files named similar to 0000.bmp and 0001.bmp. Copy these files to some other location.

7. Now you have your overview file but you cannot use it right now, because it is saved in 24-bit format but counter strike and condition zero does not support 24-bit format, it only supports 8-bit format and “.tga” file format.

8. We can convert it from 24-bit to 8-bit using MS-Paint, but if you convert the file using paint your picture quality will be reduced a lot therefore we are using this advanced software “Imagebadger Image Converter”. We can also convert it to “.tga” but it has 2 drawbacks, firstly this format has large file size and secondly you still need photoshop or some other advanced converting software to convert it, therefore we will be converting it to 8-bit “.bmp” format.

9. Now run Imagebadger Image Converter and using this open your overview image (one without the values). Now select your image and add filters to your image by clicking the plus sign on the right. First add the color resolution filter and then add the DPI resolution filter.

10. Now open the color resolution filter and change “Bits per pixel” to “8-bit”, “dither method” to “Floyd Stein” and “Palette” to “Optimized Palette” and then press OK. Now open DPI resolution filter and check the identical values box and change the horizontal resolution or vertical resolution to anything between 71 and 96. (Refer screenshot 3 and 4)

11. Now double click the “.bmp” at the bottom right, change the “bits per pixel” to “8-bit” and “compression method” to “no compression” and then press OK, after that click on the GO button and choose a destination where you want the file to save. (Refer screenshot 5)

12. We are done with the conversion but before proceeding go to the directory where you have saved the converted file, right click and go to the properties of the file, click on the “summary” tab and check weather the “bit depth” has changed to 8-bit or not. If the bit depth is changed to 8 bit rename the file to .bmp.

13. Now there is one last thing left before you can use your map overview, go to the directory where you have installed counter strike or condition zero and open “overviews” folder, and copy any of the “.txt” file to the place where you have saved your converted “.bmp” file. Rename the text file as .txt.

14. Open the screenshot (one with the values) and enlarge it until you are able to read those values. The values for “de_train” are as follows:-

Zoom 1.58, Map Origin (32.00, 156.00, 28.00), Z Min 417.00, Z Max -361.00, Rotated 1

15. These values are different for different maps so your values will not be same as mine. Now open the notepad file and change the map name in the “// overview description file” line to .bsp. Now its time to change the values:-

16. Copy the “Zoom” value into the “Zoom” field, copy the first 2 values of “map origin” to the first two fields in the “map origin” field, copy the “Z-Max” value in the “Height” field and also as the third value “for map origin”. Change the file name in front of the “IMAGE” line to "overviews/.bmp", now save the file. Make sure the values are correct or else the the players will be displayed in the wrong position. (Refer screenshot 6)

Note: If you are using counter strike or condition zero through steam, the overviews
folder might not exist so you will have to create the “.txt” by yourself, if so refer
to screenshot 7.

17. Now copy both the “.txt” and the converted “.bmp” files to the overviews folder, if the overviews folder does not exist create it and you are done.

Note: If you are creating the overviews folder it should be created at the following

Eg: C:\Steam\SteamApps\\condition zero\czero\overviews
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