OnePunch-Man: it's got Tony Stark in it

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Re: OnePunch-Man: it's got Tony Stark in it

Post by Hellboy » Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:22 am

narwal wrote:
Hellboy wrote:
Neelpos wrote:Hellboy teach my how to Edgy.
It's pretty easy, you just have to have opinions about things.
narwal wrote:
Hellboy wrote:Also IDGAFlip about the one punch manga.
Well thats what the threads about now innit

The stories of those characters get more fleshed out after the final fight that's on the show, but you can see how the show is starting to introduce them if ya watch it
Manga discussion has no place in the anime forum, which I post in frequently and is very dear to me.
Oh God, I'm being body snatched, aren't I?
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