Simple LoL questions

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Re: Simple LoL questions

Post by Campy » Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:23 pm

mbaxter wrote:1) What is the difference between top and bottom? I don't see one, yet I always see strategies specific to one over the other.

2) Why do I see most teams go two top two bottom one middle? Why not push middle?

3) Why do all the female characters have such large boobs? That can't be helpful in battle.

1) Top usually is where the tanks not carries go. Bot is usually where a support goes with the carry so that way they don't recall until like lvl 10ish.

2)Because, some champs, like Veigar and Mordeakaiser, NEED farm. A LOT of other ones do as well but its to even it out.

3) Riot just likes bigg'ns. Nuff' said.
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