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Re: Ask me about LoL -I'll help you pwn/I'm awesome

Post by Me_EB » Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:58 am

Campy wrote:I'm having some trouble against Morde as Xin Zhao. What should I do to kill him as fast as I can before his shield goes up?
Xin is verryy good against morde actually.They are both melee, after morde uses his skills xin is very strong against him. You have to play aggressive early though, so you can get ahead enough to push him around through mid game. e-q-w-e-e-r is your skill order. If his shiled is down rush him with e and kick his ass. Bring magic resist runes on your blues, consider picking up the magic resist in defensive mastery (if you plan on solo laning). Armor pen runes are helpful i hope that wasn't just super obvious stuff.

With Galio, all i can say is get better at farming with your auto attacks, keep track of your opponents cooldowns and position so you know when you can creep without getting too bothered. Try to harrass with your spells only when they wont push the lane up. If you are 1v2 practice last hitting under tower. On most champs it is 2 tower hits to a phys minion then you can last hit it, caster minions are one player hit, one tower hit, one player hit. You can also just farm with your skills in this situation if the enemy is just pushing.
BalthazarMcLovin wrote:Fuck Olaf, Nidalee help please. I don't know what to do, hybrid or straight AP. AP seems like a better option for early game, but I want the control in fights to stay. Runes for a hybrid maybe too?
On Nidalee here is the straight and simple of it. You can run a runepage with +ap and +mpen and level spear first and be trololol spear chucker woman(rushing hat is what you do here). Or you can play endlessly push and never die cuz nidalee is a whore (a la hotshotgg). Hotshot's style of nidalee uses armor pen reds and dodge yellows and basically he never leaves top lane, with a couple wards, flash ghost, and by being nidalee you are virtually unkillable. That nidalee is merc treads>rageblade>sheen>lichbane>hat. You just keep decent vision and camp out top lane all game. You troll your opponnent by autoattacking them since you have infinite hp. You kill the shit out of towers with your at speed from e and sheen procs. Thats nidalee in a nutshell.
Estroy wrote:Build & route on jungle nocturne would be pleased. <3 ... rne-107391
Thats the common way.
Lad Stankfoot wrote:wafflez / mclovin got me to start playing LoL again. i've been playing gangplank and using this guide: ... acts-98004

any tips?
GP, now I'm not saying that that build isn't viable, but whenever gp isn't banned he is built beefy pretty much a traditional tanky dps triforce-tank build.
sheen>triforce>force of nature/atmas/wits end/tanky items this is because gp's base damage is pretty good and he gets to do alot more if they cant just blow him up. Glass cannon gp works, but its not as reliable. Gp is a sexy jungler, ... ank-103786, but he is pretty strong in lane too.

Also as a general tip for LoL creep score should (almost) always be your priority, think carefully before you go do something that makes you miss creeps, be it ganking or harassing. Creeps are a reliable and consistent source of gold, if you are letting creeps die to other creeps while you harass then you are essentially gambling that gold on your ability to score a kill. Just something to keep in mind i guess
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Re: Ask me about LoL -I'll help you pwn/I'm awesome

Post by Dustrix » Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:23 pm

Which champion are you?
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Re: Ask me about LoL -I'll help you pwn/I'm awesome

Post by Me_EB » Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:31 pm

Dustrix wrote:Which champion are you?
Yeeee, i dont really know what you are talking about.

I am working on some different guide/video stuff so stay tuned about that guys.
Specifically "champs for Solo q"
and "Tips for level 30s"

Unfortunately i've been super busy with class, but they are coming eventually.
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