Life and Career Skills I learned from the Gaming Industry

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Life and Career Skills I learned from the Gaming Industry

Post by TempSoul » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:56 pm

Sup people,

So as a few here people know this has been an intensely shit-load of a year for me, but at the same time a year I have been able to learn and accomplish so much.

Do note that this is from the perspective from a 22 year old just getting his feet wet in the industry, and especially I know there are far more experienced members in this community to also get advice on stuff or out do me.

For those who don't want to read my long rant....
1. Caring about others is the good path to take but not being able to secure your own happiness and goals means those fuckers are caring about themselves and not you, only in some situations is it okay for you to sacrifice yourself in order to help another.
2. Don't give a shit about people not understanding that Video games isn't a proper job, because fuck them as long as you make enough money to be financially stable those fuckers ain't got any right to say shit. If they do chastise you anyway take it as a grain a salt cause it's your life do whatever it takes to make you happy.
3. Learning is the best shit in the world and be active in creating the correct support structure and mentors/friends that support your passions so you can never stop becoming a better person.
4. VIDEO GAMES ARE THE SHIT I may not be a coder,artist, journalist, or internet sensation but one day the shit that makes me amazing I will learn to apply to a job in the industry.

I think a lot of you can understand how difficult it is to be a gamer in this generation, especially those trying to make a career out of it, when it comes to the mere concept of how to make a career out of it or how much social pressure is applied on us for choosing such a silly thing to care about. I wanted to share my experience in case anyone else would never have to feel what I have felt during my life. I have always been under the pressure that playing videos game meant sacrificing learning or going out and applying myself in useful skills in life, and honestly in some aspect it's true if you choose to apply yourself in something while not learning how that bettering you, but that can be applied to any passion in life not just gaming. This year I've have been blessed with the chances to work in many different major gaming companies, I was able to work for IGN for the last 2 summers doing work in events/tournament work for IGN during their big IPL e-sports leagues, I was able to shadow IGN journalist during E3 and see what it meant to work at such a complicated industry GIANT that IGN is. Even got lucky enough to be in the backrooms and see how Valve and their professional staff work/planned Dota 2's International.

But mostly it's the lesson I learn about trying to be a gamer in a culture like ours all while trying to make a career out of something that people probably won't stop ridiculing you for. This year PAX was the personal lessons I needed from gamers who actually have careers in the industry and what that meant for them. Trying to be work in a job, specifically one in gaming, has been a huge challenge for myself as I don't want to be a developer nor do I wish to be a pure journalist. But those are not the only jobs out there that mean you get to be involved with video games nor the community. I have spent my life working for Nonprofits and companies that taught me how to planned major events to support education in washington state and provide support for don't know where to get it or to figure out they have been in need of support but didn't know it. While have my family bash on me about being a gamer and that the sum of my being was this kid who just stayed in his room and played video games.

I have realized that with the help or reaching out and learning and getting advice from others, especially since no one in my life is actually a gamer who is willing to understand my life goals. I've learned that life isn't a lonely experience. No matter what happens in life there is always people willing to provide you with support, it's up to you to find the right people who’re actually trying to help you help yourself, unlike specific people like for me in my instance although my sister is my role model and a successful big wig at disney doesn't mean her advice does anything but make it worse for me to solve my problems, friends too. I have had the best friends and mentors to teach me so much in life to know that I will take those skills and one day make a career out of them. Everyone in your life is honestly looking out your best interest but if they don't have the skills or history to match what you're dealing with than you have to remember that so that you don't let them think for you. I lived a life surrounded by non-gamers and while they have taught me so many things that have made me a better person I know that they can never preach to me about how to use what I learned to create my life, specifically my life aiming to be a gamer in the industry.

On a small note I wanted to add this for anyone who might need it, like myself. This is the “Take This” Project it’s a group dedicated to providing support to gamers dealing with all sort of negatives emotions or depression. For me I have spent a long time trying to balance out becoming this successful “industry career” one day while supporting people who need advice or someone to lean on during my jobs thought my childhood and university years, while avoiding finding support for myself because I thought I didn't deserved to get help which only caused me to become suicidally depressed because I never address my worries. I’m depressed because everything that I believe in life isn't good enough and I’m not doing enough. Everyone deserves to be depressed and if you’re having trouble figuring out why your even depressed please seek help. Take This Project has some great professionals who are gamers as well who are willing to help you in finding clarity. Or go shopping for a therapist(it pretty cheap and with Obama-care you are going to have to get health insurances to cover it anyway), it’s nice to have someone who’s a non-partial judge with their only goal in aiding you in figuring out what you need to handle and create a happier life for yourself. Just like going to a doctor or dentist to make sure everything is okay going to a therapist is just the same. Friends or family can you therapist but just make sure their opinions are opinions meant for you, therapist usually are professionals so they're paid and educated to be thinking about you.
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