Skyrim Mod - Skooma Bear - Definitive Edition

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Skyrim Mod - Skooma Bear - Definitive Edition

Post by Arron Dominion » Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:08 am

So I can obsess sometimes if I have an idea about a mod, or changes to one I have already done. Skooma Bear falls into the latter category. When FreeFrag Network existed, I collaborated with one of their members to create a Skooma Bear, a bear addicted to moon sugar, and the idea was based off of the cocaine bear meme. Since most of my work since then has been more lore-friendly and serious, I decided to revamp the mod, while keeping the Skooma Bear follower's personality and the original quest.

Here is the trailer I created in Windows Movie Maker for it:

In this version of the mod, I added an additional quest to explore the origins of Sniffs, the Skooma Bear follower. In addition, I created (and voiced) an high-elf mage follower from the College of Winterhold named Faidalf, and a Khajiit (won't spoil what roll, and is also voiced but that is poorer than Faidalf's) mage. Two books have been added, the first one for Sniffs' origin, and the second for an unmarked quest involving Faidalf and the player when the player is the Arch-Mage.

My original goal with the mod was to create a follower outside of the follower framework, so you can still use your favorite follower. Speaking technically, I reverse engineered the logic Bethesda created for Marriage Spouses and turned that script into a follower script, but details. In this version, I reworked the system to integrate many more locations for Sniffs, reflect the current DLC for the game, and allow for players to have Sniffs remember their favorite house/inn for Sniffs to go back to later on (default location is Bannered Mare if you do not set a location).

If you are interested, I uploaded it here:
Nexus -
Steam Workshop - ... =351810069 <- If you are interested in Competitive TF2
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